A newsletter for winemakers in British Columbia

Malolactic Fermentation
Postassium Sorbate
Fining and Fining Agents
Why pH & TA are not proportional
Care of Corks
Acid Control
Acid & pH Adjustment
Using SO2
SO2 Measurement Tables
pH Without Pain
Grape Varieties and Blending
Flaws and Faults in Wine
Words to describe wine
Winemaking Log
Wine Scoring Card


Editor: Tom J. Robinson
Financial Manager: Sal Robinson
Circulation: Flory Bosa
Circulation Lists: Charles Plant

The Grapevine has been awarded
the BCAWA Silver Pin  for its
contribution to home winemaking.

The final edition of the Grapevine
Vol. 39 - No. 4
December 2009


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