Nanaimo Winemakers

Since NW will be
hosting the 2010

Provincial Competition
there will be no

NW Varietal
Wine Competition

Meetings are held at the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Cavallotti Hall, 2060 East Wellington Road, in Nanaimo

Bring a bottle of wine to share.

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George Beck

Vice President
Byron Malthouse

Rita Feschuk

Education Coordinator
 Peter Huygehebaert 

David Croot

Don Graham

Rod Church

Events Coordinator
Dale Wicks

Communications Coordinator
Franco Sartor

Past President
Doug Morrison


Nanaimo Winemakers was formed in 1971. For its first couple of decades membership was small enough to allow meetings to be held in membersí homes but in the mid-90s membership began to climb and today we have 60 people on the membership list.

Nanaimo Winemakers is a member of the British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association (BCAWA) to which each of our members pays $5.00 annually as part of our club dues. We have been very active in supporting BCAWA over the years and in 1998, its President, our own Jack Ziebart was succeeded by Leo Poirier - another longtime club member. Many of our members have served as Directors on BCAWA and we select one member each year (normally the vice-President) to represent the club and vote at BCAWA Council meetings

Meetings are started by a short Business Meeting, and than followed  an Educational program during which methods of winemaking and related subjects are are discussed.

The club owns an electric stemmer-crusher, an inflatable bladder press, a small basket press, a certified balance for weighing grapes, 21 plastic grape tote boxes of 25 lb capacity and 200 totes of 50 lb. capacity (purchased in 2001 for the benefit of all Vancouver Island winemakers), and a 10 plate filter.

 The club members generally buy 12-15 Tonnes of high quality grapes from the Okanagan,  Washington and California. Members also benefit by being able to purchase chemicals and barrels through the club..    

The club numbers among its members several commercial grape growers. Winemaking expertise among members ranges from novice to very knowledgeable. All members are encouraged to view participation in the competitions and special events as part of their commitment to the continuing success of the club.



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